Discover a new concept brand by A Touch of Salt

Having perfected ancient fermentation techniques, we want to share with you our love for Ramen. 

The Story

FYI is a concept developed by A Touch of Salt Chef Michael Brine and derived from the love of cooking, culture and healthy eating. Through this brand, we share with you some of our favourites for you to take home with you, starting with soul-warming Ramen.

 FYI, what does it stand for?

Ferments Our sides of Lacto fermented vegetables are made using an ancient technique, beneficial to aid digestion and refresh your tastebuds.

Yaki Our proteins are marinated simply in soy, mirin and sake slow-roasted, then seared over direct heat to create depth and flavour.

Incorporated All aspects of the Ramen production embrace A Touch of Salt’s ethos of produce, preparation and service.

Enjoy our FYI menu as a take-home dish, or as a takeaway lunch in the CBD.

Available for pick-up only lunch Tuesday - Friday 11:30 - 2:30.

View the full FYI menu available and order online at our online shop.

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